Art. 1 – General Provisions

  1. The User who navigates in this area enters Parole in Linea, accessible via the URL (from now on Parole in Linea). Browsing and transmitting a purchase order on the website implies acceptance of the general terms and conditions, of the Additional Information on the single product page (present on each single product page), the cookie policy and privacy policy on the processing of personal data, in compliance with European legislation, Regulation No. 679/2016 – GDPR.
  2. These general terms and conditions apply to the provision of services (intangible goods) exclusively purchased on Parole in Linea in accordance with the provisions of the Italian Consumer Code, Part III, Title III, Chapter I – Legislative Decree no. 206/05 and subsequent amendments of Legislative Decree 21/14 and 70/03 – by:
    • Parole in Linea of Cristina Mantione
    • Located in Rome (RM) at Via Filippo Foti, 26
    • VAT number IT15616561005
    • Registered at the Chamber of Commerce of Rome with n. REA RM-1602578
  3. Before accessing the services provided by Parole in Linea and completing a purchase procedure, the User must read these general terms and conditions, which are considered completely and unequivocally accepted at the time of purchase.
  4. Parole in Linea encourages the User to save a copy of the purchase form and the general terms and conditions of sale.
  5. Parole in Linea reserves the right to modify the general terms and conditions of sale unilaterally and without notice.
  6. The User can browse the website and access the services provided by the Parole in Linea in the following languages:
    • Italian;
    • English.

Art. 2 – Subject and Offering

  1. These general terms and conditions of sale regulate the offer, the submission, and the acceptance of purchase orders for services and online courses provided directly by Parole in Linea, in the shop, and the online course section on the website.
    • These general terms and conditions do not cover nor regulate any service provided by third parties through external links (hyperlinks) and/or banners – duly indicated in the transparency.
    • Please, refer to the Terms and Conditions of Sale of third parties for third parties services.
  2. Before following links (hyperlinks) and/or products and services provided by third parties, Parole in Linea recommends the User to read their Terms and Conditions of Sale, for which Parole in Linea is not responsible.
  3. Parole in Linea offers editorial, translation, mentoring, and consultancy services related to creative writing, non-fiction writing, web writing and publishing, and online courses to be attended exclusively online.

Art. 3 – Definition of the Sale Contract and Contract term

  1. In order to conclude and define the sale contract, the User has to fill the form with the data relating to invoicing in the Billing details section and send it according to the instructions indicated during the purchase process.
  2. Each single product page contains specific Terms and Conditions of Sale in the Additional information section, which, together with these General Terms and Conditions of Sale, provide information about each service, the payment methods accepted by Parole in Linea, and the conditions for the Return and Refund policy.
  3. Before the definition of the Sale Contract by clicking on the Place Order button, the User will have to confirm to have fully read:
    • General Terms and Conditions of sale;
    • Additional information on the single product page;
    • Privacy and GDPR information about the processing of personal data;
    • Return and Refund policy.
  4. The Contract and the Purchase process are completed when Parole in Linea receives the completed form from the User, and the payment is credited to the chosen payment method.
  5. The User is due to pay the price indicated on the website and in the “Shopping Cart” area from the moment in which the purchase transaction is considered defined, i.e., concluded, which occurs when the User clicks on the “Place Order” button at the end of the guided purchase procedure.
  6. Defined the purchase contract, Parole in Linea takes charge of the order for its execution and the issuance of tax documents in the ways and within the time required by the Italian tax law.
  7. The Contract term depends on the type of the purchased service.
  8. In the case of editorial services (i.e., editing, proofreading, book layout formatting…) and translation services, the contract term is subject to the type and details of work (i.e., document length, deadline…). It will be indicated on the contract itself or via eMail to the User.
  9. For writing coach meetings, lessons, and mentoring attended in synchronous mode, the Contract term is valid until 31st December of the year the payment is credited.
    • The User has to use the service/attend the meeting/lesson before December 31st of the same year of purchase to use the service as agreed upon by the Parties (User and Parole in Linea).
  10. The term of use for writing coach meetings, lessons, and mentoring purchased and paid, in single or multiple quantities, after December 15th is postponed to December 31st of the following year. (i.e., purchase of ten writing coach lessons on December 22nd, 2021 → the bundle expires on December 31st, 2022).
  11. For online courses attended in asynchronous mode, the contract term – the use of lessons, video lessons, and correction of exercises –will be indicated in each online course.
  12. After the deadlines indicated in the various services, Parole in Linea will be free from any obligation to the User.

Art. 4 – User registration

  1. User registration on the website is required to purchase some services provided by Parole in Linea.
  2. If the User submits inaccurate or incomplete data for invoices or payments, Parole in Linea will have the right not to activate the service or to suspend it until the receiving of the missing and/or correct data.
  3. A confirmation eMail will follow the User registration. The User must confirm the data provided within 48h from the receipt of the eMail. After this deadline, Parole in Linea will be released from any commitment to the User.
  4. The User data confirmation absolves Parole in Linea from any responsibility concerning the data provided by the User, who agrees to communicate any changes promptly.
  5. At the time of the first Profile User registration by the User, Parole in Linea will create and register the username and the (encrypted) password that constitute the system of validation of access to the purchased services with binding effect on the User.
  6. The User is obligated to maintain the confidentiality of their login information, keep it with care and diligence, and not give it to third parties, even for a temporary period.

Art. 5 – Payment Methods and Prices

  1. The price of services is as indicated on the website, in the Shop, Single product pages, and Shopping Cart area, except for obvious errors (errors in commas, etc.), except for editorial and translation services for which a quote must be requested via form or eMail.
  2. The price of editorial and translation services depends on the quotation, which may vary according to the type of work requested, the difficulty of the text, the urgency, and other factors assessed ad hoc. Parole in Linea will send a formal quotation document to the User via eMail. A regular contract will follow if the User accepts the quotation.
  3. In case of obvious error in the prices shown on the website, Parole in Linea will notify the errata corrige to the User as soon as possible, allowing the cancellation of orders purchased with the incorrect amounts. In any case, Parole in Linea will not be under any obligations to accomplish the service at the erroneously indicated price.
  4. All the prices on the website are VAT included.
  5. The prices are subject to unilateral change at any time without notice.
  6. The price changes do not affect already concluded orders, even if the User didn’t pay for them yet.
    • The User will pay the price indicated on the summary of the order received via eMail within the payment deadline.
    • If the User cancels the order and will make a new one for the same service after the price change, the User will have to pay the new price.
  7. To purchase one of the services on Parole in Linea, the User has to select the desired one from the Single page product to transfer it to the Shopping Cart. By following the purchase process instructions, the User will have to provide the data and billing information and choose a payment method. The data can be changed and corrected before the payment and the invoice issuing.
  8. Allowed payment methods are:
    • Bank transfer;
    • Paypal;
  9. Currencies accepted for payment are:
    • Euro (€);

Art. 6 – Delivery

  1. Parole in Linea will deliver the service(s) to the User at the scheduled times, deadlines, and ways specified on each Single product page in the Additional Information under the “Terms of Sale” section.
  2. For editorial and translation services that require quotations, the quotation document contains way and delivery deadlines as the Contract that will follow in case of acceptance.
  3. Services and courses are online. The User will receive elaborated files at the eMail provided during the purchase process.
  4. The User can attend online courses in two ways:
    1. asynchronous mode as online video lectures, slides, and/or materials readable on Parole in Linea;
    2. synchronous mode via third-party platforms such as Skype®, Meet®, Teams®, or phone as agreed upon by the Parties.
  5. Writing coach meetings always take place in synchronous mode via third-party platforms such as Skype®, Meet®, Teams®, or phone as agreed upon by the Parties.
  6. If the delivery/the meeting/lecture cannot take place for reasons beyond the control of either of the Parties (Parole in Linea and User), Parole in Linea will refund the payment to the User, except in the event that the Parties agree to postpone the delivery, or the meeting/lesson by some another method or day.
  7. Parole in Linea offers services i.e. intangible goods, in the form of files sent via eMail, lectures, slides, online videos, consultations by calls, and telematic meetings, which will be attended online or sent by eMail (6.4). Under no circumstance Parole in Linea will send or deliver tangible goods or copies and/or physical materials (hard copies, tangible objects, printed manuscripts, etc).

Art. 7 – Warranty and trade compliance

  1. In the case of damaged or unusable material or files due to technical problems, the User is required to notify Parole in Linea via the eMail ec*******@pa***********.com of the problems encountered within 48h of the purchase or the occurrence of the problem. After this deadline, the material received and/or viewed online is deemed to fully comply with the offer.
  2. The User agrees to use original or licensed devices and software to ensure the proper functioning of the purchased services or declares that he or she has the necessary requirements to use and benefit without limitation or infringement of the purchased service.
  3. The User is responsible for the purchase, maintenance, and repair of its own tools necessary to benefit from the services of Parole in Linea, i.e., it will not retaliate against Parole in Linea in the event of purchase or repair expenses related to the tools (computers, laptop, smartphone, software, devices, subscriptions, internet connection, etc.) necessary to fulfill its part of the Contract (delivery of drafts, fruition of lessons. ..) and undertakes, in case of any breakdown, to take all initiatives and put in place all necessary, or otherwise appropriate, remedies in order to limit the prejudice potentially resulting from such emergency or difficulty and promptly communicate it, and any delay to Parole in Linea in case it affects the fruition of service, especially in synchronous mode.
  4. Parole in Linea is responsible for defects in the services offered on its website, including non-compliance with the proposed services, in accordance with the provisions of Italian law.
  5. For Individual Users who purchase a service as a private Consumers, without business or professional activity purposes, the service warranty shall be valid provided that any defect manifests itself within 24 months from the date of delivery of the intended files; that the purchaser files a formal complaint regarding the defects within a maximum of 30 (thirty) days from the date on which the defect was found. Beyond that date, the User loses any right to claim for that defect.
  6. In case of non-compliance with the service (unreadable files, online files, slides, video, that cannot be consulted for more than 300 days per year due to documentable technical problems), the User has the right to the restoration of compliance of the service files, slides and video, i.e. the material sent via eMail, or obtain an appropriate reduction on the price up to the return of the amount.

Art. 8 – Confidentiality agreement, Non-disclosure agreement, intellectual property, and acknowledgment

  1. Non-disclosure agreement:
    1. The User agrees that the content of eMails related to the services, the sensible data of the Parties, and the content of the lectures and/or works are to be considered confidential in nature and non-disclosable unless expressly authorized by the other party.
  2. In the case of editorial and translation services, or User’s files used during Writing Coach classes and sessions, Parole in Linea agrees to keep confidential the text (i.e., Fiction, Non-Fiction, document, contract, sample texts) subject of editing, proofreading, translation, and transcription without the express consent of the User. However, Parole in Linea can keep a copy of the files and final draft for archival purposes and for personal and professional protection in case of disputes, in accordance with current Italian laws.
  3. Parole in Linea reserves the right to use, after the publication of the text edited, proofread, translated, or transcripted, the title, cover and back cover, and excerpts from the free preview available online, to enrich its working portfolio.
  4. The User agrees to keep confidential the operating methods of Parole in Linea to third parties who might operate under competition, i.e. The User agrees not to record writing coach sessions, video lectures, and lessons in synchronous and asynchronous mode, as well as phone calls or disclose the material provided by Parole in Linea (Slides, Videos, ad hoc material) without its expressed consent.
  5. Both the parties, Parole in Linea and the User, agree that, for revised and/or translated works, unless otherwise agreed upon elsewhere (eMail), Parole in Linea will be mentioned in the acknowledgments for the performance on the colophon of the published books, as editor, proofreader, or translator.

Art. 9 – Right of Withdrawal or Return and Refund policy

  1. In accordance with current Italian regulations, the User may claim the right to withdraw from the purchase contract, without penalty or specifying the reason, within 14 (fourteen) days from the date of purchase, pursuant to Article 57 of Italian Legislative Decree 2006/2005.
  2. In the specific case of services such as telephone counseling, writing coach, online classes in synchronous mode (live, at the same time), via Skype®, Meet®, LMS or other platform, the right of withdrawal can only take place before the meeting.
  3. The User who intends to use their right of withdrawal must notify Parole in Linea by an explicit statement in written form or by a certified electronic mail (pec) address, which has the value of registered mail A/R, to cr**************@po*******.it indicating the order number, the purchased service and the related tax document/invoice number.
  4. The right of withdrawal does not apply if the goods of Parole in Linea belong to the categories indicated in art.59 of the Italian Legislative Decree 206/2005.
  5. Following the withdrawal request, Parole in Linea will proceed with the refund on the same payment method chosen by the User at for the purchase. If that method is unavailable, the User must provide their IBAN (Bank account number), SWIFT and BIC, and all bank details required to finalize the refund procedure.
  6. If the refund payment method is unavailable, for any reason, and the User doesn’t provide an alternative refund payment method, such as the bank transfer data within 60 (sixty days) from the request for coordinates, Parole in Linea will be free from any obligation and the User will be considered not interested in receiving the refund.

Art. 10 – Indemnity clause or Shift of costs

  1. By clicking on the “Place order” button i.e. by defining the order, the User declares:
    • To be of legal age according to the laws of one’s own country, and in any case to be at least 18 years of age, Italian legal age;
    • Be of sound mind, i.e., be aware that he/she is placing a purchase order involving a price that he/she agrees to and has to pay.
  2. In the case of a purchase for a minor, the User implicitly states that the purchase is made with the authorization or by or under the supervision of the parent or guardian;
  3. If a Minor User uses the data and/or payment methods of his/her parents or other adults without their permission, the parents, or the Minor’s legal guardian, will be required to pay the price of the requested service and release Parole in Linea from all liability regardless of the use of the same.
  4. The User declares under their own responsibility that they are the sole author and exclusive copyright owner for the files, texts, and materials that they will submit for editorial and translation services, and the materials provided during the classes and writing coach sessions, and that they have full availability of the same and the faculties and civil rights and civil political and intellectual property rights, necessary to enter into the purchase agreement and that he/she has not already assigned to third parties the rights of economic use and revision and/or translation of the text, i.e., of all rights that would be in direct conflict with this agreement, and indemnifies Parole in Linea from all damages and expenses that may result in this regard.
  5. The User also agrees to provide assistance, and cooperation to Parole in Linea and grant total indemnity for all injuries and damages or sue by third parties and/or compromising situations issued by the use of the files, performance, or services by the User. The User declares and assures to indemnify Parole in Linea and grant its complete immunity from third parties claims and take charge of them.

Art. 11 – Privacy and Data processing

  1. The User‘s data are processed in accordance with the regulations provided for the protection of personal data, as specified in the specific section containing the information pursuant to Article 13 of the European Regulation No. 679/2016 – GDPR (Privacy Policy).

Art. 12 – Contacts

  1. Any inquiries related to online purchases can be made by eMail to:
    • ec*******@pa***********.com, for all questions and troubles afferent to Parole in Linea eCommerce;
    • se***************@pa***********.com for communications concerning quotes, contracts, and communications between the parties during the execution of the service (e.g., Editing, Proofreading, Writing Coach, etc.).
    • tr*******@pa***********.com for communications concerning quotations, contracts, and communications between the parties during the execution of the translation, subtitling, and transcription services.

Art. 13 – Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

  1. These General Terms and Conditions of Sale are regulated by Italian law, without prejudice to any different mandatory form prevailing in the User‘s country of habitual residence. Accordingly, the interpretation and termination of the General Terms and Conditions of Sale shall be regulated exclusively by Italian law.
  2. Any disputes, which cannot be resolved elsewhere or in a peaceful way, inherent and/or deriving from the same, must be resolved exclusively by the Italian jurisdictional authority. In particular, where the User qualifies as a Consumer, i.e. an individual with use of the services for reasons not related to commercial activity, any disputes shall be resolved in the Court of Rome, i.e. the Trial Court of Rome (Tribunale di Roma) and the Small Claims procedure court (Giudice di Pace di Roma).
  1. By purchasing the services of Parole in Linea, the User entirely accepts the General Terms and Conditions of Sale, the conditions of sale indicated in the “Additional Information” section of the specific single product page, and specifically the articles 7, 8, 9, 10 and 13 of these General Terms and Conditions of Sale.

The General Terms and Conditions of Sale were updated on 24/06/2022