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Professional high-quality literary translation from English to Italian of novelsessaysshort stories, and non-fiction books from English to Italian. Parole in Linea provides a range of packages to suit your needs, from individual book translation to ongoing translation services for publishers and literary agents.

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Professional and High-Quality Translation of Novels, Essays, and Short Stories

If you’re an author, publisher, or literary agent looking to expand your audience by making your works accessible in Italian, Parole in Linea literary translation services can help you to reach your target.

Parole in Linea is specialized in translating and localizing literary texts from English to Italian, ensuring that your works retain their original style and meaning while adapting them to the target culture.

What is literary translation?

Literary translation is the translation and localization process of a literary text from one language (source language) to another (target language).

Unlike other types of translation, literary translation involves transposing the words from the source language to the target language and adapting the text to the target culture to enhance the reader’s experience.

Generally, the translator reads the text, then translates and localizes it, and then proofreads and formats the layout according to the basic page layout styles.

Translation vs. Localization

The difference between translation and localization is the adaptation of the text.

  • The ​​translation ​​is limited to the direct transposition of the text from one language to another, keeping it as much as possible similar to the original version;
  • ​​Localization ​​transposes text from one language to another by adapting it to the target culture, so localization goes beyond translation.

For example, the idiomatic Italian expression “In bocca al lupo” is equivalent to the idiomatic English expression “Break a leg” in the context of theater performances but would be meaningless if translated literally.

Source languageTranslationLocalization
Break a legRompiti una gambaIn bocca al lupo
Difference between translation and localization of a text.

It is essential to evaluate whether and which elements of a novel a translator needs to localize. This is because it enhances the reading experience of the translated text as similar as possible to that of the original text.

Parole in Linea Literary translation process

To ensure the highest quality translations, Parole in Linea follows a standard criteria process for each literary text:

  1. A preliminary ​​reading​​ of the text to evaluate the elements to localize and the recurrences.
  2. ​Translation ​​of the text with ​​localization ​​of the identified elements.
  3. ​Proofreading​​ of the text to clean it from ​​typos ​​and spelling mistakes.
  4. ​General text formatting​​ with the standard​​ styles​​ (title, paragraph…), font, and dialogues uniformity (corporal, quotation marks…).

What we need to translate your book

To translate your novel, essay, or short story, we require the manuscript in .doc or .docx format. The total number of words you purchase should match the total words in the Word file.

If you need assistance, please get in touch with us before submitting the file.

  • Please have the text in .doc or .docx format at hand when you begin the purchase process. It will help you calculate the total number of words to buy.
  • You can attach it to the billing form that you will find in the purchase procedure.

Important: Before submitting the file, ensure that the total number of words you buy matches the total number of words on the Word file. Please, contact me if you need assistance.

What you will get and when

Once the translation is complete, you’ll receive a file in the same format you sent it, containing your translatedcorrected, and formatted text.

For novels and essays, the translation process takes between 30 to 90 days, depending on the complexity and length.

Short stories can be translated in as little as 7 days or up to 30 days.

We’ll send you the deadline to the email you used in the purchase.

If you have any doubts or questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Additional information

Terms and Conditions of Sale

1. The subject matter of this agreement (from now on the "Agreement") is the provision of translation (from now on the "Performance") between the purchaser (from now on the "Client" and Parole in Linea di Cristina Mantione (from now on the "Provider") by means of text-to-text transposition from English to Italian and/or vice versa.
2. The material to be submitted at the time of purchase consists of the file in .doc or .docx format with the full text to be translated;
3. The text will be translated and delivered on a Word and/or PDF file (if requested by the Client);
4. The translation file will be delivered within the deadline communicated in the email used for the purchase. For very long texts or particular timelines, we strongly recommend contacting the supplier at [email protected] to ensure the delivery date is possible.
5. In general, the deadline for novels and Non-Fiction books starts from a minimum of 30 days to a maximum of 90 days upon email confirmation of the actual delivery time.
6. For short stories, the deadline starts from a minimum of 7 days to a maximum of 30 days upon email confirmation of the actual delivery timeline.
7. Request for revisions (where purchased) must be in written form by sending an e-mail to [email protected] within 14 days of receipt of the file, with notes clearly set forth regarding the desired revisions. After this time has elapsed, the Client waives their right to review, i.e., they are satisfied with the translation. Parole in Linea reserves the right to make revisions or answer notes.
8. The purchase of a quantity equal to 1 (one) of any type of translation corresponds to the purchase of the translation of 1 (one) word.
9. Translation length means the total length of the text in the submitted file.
10. The total number of words in the file must match the total number of words (quantity) purchased. Otherwise, the Supplier will translate up to the total purchase, following the order in which the text appears.
11. In case of a dispute, the Customer must send in writing to [email protected] the file received from words online highlighting the disputed part and the reason for the dispute.
Parole in linea reserves the right to revise the part highlighted or to reply to the operational choices.
12. The Customer is required to submit the disputes within 14 days after receiving the final file. Beyond that date, the translation is considered fully accepted and the Contract terminated.
13. For any dispute arising from the execution, interpretation, and termination of this Contract, not otherwise conciliated, the parties recognize as of now the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of Rome, i.e. the Trial Court of Rome (Tribunale di Roma) and the Small Claims procedure court (Giudice di Pace di Roma), even in case of connection and continence of causes.
14. With the payment, the Customer authorizes the Supplier with explicit consent to the processing and storage of sensitive data pursuant to European Regulation GDPR n.2016/679 for the purposes related to the performance of the requested activity and communications relating to the tax obligations provided for by current legislation and the issuance of the invoice that will follow the confirmation of the credit on the current account. The Supplier reserves the right to request further data for the purpose of issuing the electronic invoice or receipt of payment to comply with the obligations established by the Italian tax law.
15. In addition to these conditions of sale, there are the general conditions Terms and Conditions, which can be consulted on this website and during the purchase process. Completing the purchase process is considered acceptance of both the Terms of Sale.
16. Pursuant to and for the purposes of Articles 1341 and 1342 of the Civil Code by proceeding with the payment of the proforma attached to this Contract the parties declare themselves to be informed of each of its parts, aware of their rights, accept and sign the following points: 4, 7, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 15.

Return And Refund Policy

1. The right of withdrawal to the purchase of translations is as provided in the relevant legislation, that is, 14 days from the date of purchase.
2. The request must be written, and follow instructions in the General Conditions of Sale.
3. It won't be possible to request withdrawal and refund for translations already delivered, but only for those yet to be received.
4. Beyond 14 days from the purchase, it won't be possible to exercise the right of withdrawal (return and refund policy), and, in general, it won't be possible to request a refund.
5. Parole in Linea reserves the right to request additional information in order to be able to comply with the refund of the sums, which will take place on the same payment method used by the customer for the purchase of the transcription.

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    Cristina has translated one of my books. She goes above and beyond in translation and editing services to make everything perfect. Highly responsive and precise worker. I truly appreciated our cooperation. I happily recommend her here on LinkedIn.
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